“Warm Bodies” Movie Review

I knew from the previews that Warm Bodies wasn’t a typical zombie movie, but I still had to see it opening weekend because I love anything zombie related. I was a little skeptical because I’m a firm believer that ZOMBIES + ROMANCE = PROJECTILE VOMIT. Now, this movie did have some funny moments (mostly supplied by Rob Corddry), but the dialogue was a bit cheesy at times. I know that most zombie movies don’t have the most believable storylines, and the decision making skills of the characters aren’t always the greatest, but I can overlook that in other movies because of all the zombie-filled action scenes. Warm Bodies wasn’t action packed, but I did enjoy the few zombie fight scenes, and the cinematography was very well done.

The movie takes place eight years into the zombie apocalypse and follows the journey of a conflicted zombie with a desire for something deeper. While hunting, he runs into a pretty lady whom he decides to kidnap and bring back to his zombie-infested lair. Said pretty lady makes several half-hearted attempts to escape, but she finally gets away and makes it back to the safety of her home. SPOILER: in the end, the happy couple is able to be together when the zombie half of the duo turns back into a human by being cured by love. Awwwwwwww (blergh!). I’m probably not the target audience for Warm Bodies, but I was still able to enjoy the movie. Any zombie movie is A-Okay with me! The highlights of the movie were the dry humor in the protagonist’s inner monologue as well as Rob Corddry’s facial expressions. If you’re a zombie fanatic who doesn’t mind a new twist on the zombie apocalypse, then this movie is worth seeing. I started reading the novel Warm Bodies last night, and it’s really good. I would recommend the book over the movie (but that’s usually the case).

I give Warm Bodies 3 out of 5 brains.

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