The Walking Peeps: Chixon Brothers vs. Zombunnies


I made a diorama out of my two favorite things: The Walking Dead and candy!! Every April, I love seeing the winners of The Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest, and I have always wanted to participate. Well, this year I decided to enter the contest, and I knew I wanted my theme to be The Walking Dead. Since Merle and Daryl Dixon are two of my favorite characters on the show, naturally, I had to use them in my diorama.


The hardest part was finding a tiny crossbow. I bought a Daryl Dixon bobblehead online, thinking I could use the crossbow in the diorama. Well, the crossbow is stuck to that bobblehead like nobody’s business (does not contain small parts!!). Fortunately, I was able to swipe a crossbow from a Doctor Who action figure that I found on Amazon (love that website – they have everything).



Merle was fun to make. I just used clay for the arms, feet, and right-hand-weapon-holder. The arms kept falling off because they were too heavy, but I used a piece of wire and lots of super glue to keep them in place.


Of course, I had to include Daryl’s motorcycle. Finding a miniature Triumph Bonneville 650 is not easy (I tried, I really did), so I ended up using a miniature version of the Green Goblin’s Triumph motorcycle, and I painted it black to look like Daryl’s bike. I felt like Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin while I was painting the motorcycle… “And now I’m going to make your green parts black.”


I also included Daryl’s winged vest, and a Cherokee Rose bush for little Sophia, God rest her soul. When Sophia walked out of that barn, it was one of the most incredible and heartbreaking moments I’ve ever seen on TV. I didn’t see it coming, but I felt like I should have (which is what makes great television).


I’m not an artistic person, and I had a lot of trouble with adhesives. I ended up burning my finger (glue gun), dying my hands orange (Gorilla Glue), and gluing my fingers together (Krazy Glue). I think I need to stay away from adhesives for a while. I couldn’t have done it if I wasn’t all hopped up on Peeps. I admit that I ate a ton of Peeps whilst working on the diorama. How could I not?


I used corn syrup mixed with red food coloring for the blood (I learned that on Talking Dead). I used chopped up Hot Tamales and Gummi Bears to make the zombie guts, and I used strawberry Nerds for the brains.


Making this diorama was so much fun! I’m glad I finally got to enter The Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. Now I can check that off my bucket list 🙂


(Countless Peeps were harmed during this project)

3 thoughts on “The Walking Peeps: Chixon Brothers vs. Zombunnies

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