“Evil Dead” Movie Review

I finally got to see the new Evil Dead movie today. Just like the original 1981 version, the remake had an abundance of violence and gore. The special effects were very well done, and the script wasn’t bad for a horror movie. The main disappointment with the new Evil Dead was the lack of Bruce Campbell. I was kind of hoping for a Mr. Campbell cameo (no such luck). The movie could have ended fifteen minutes sooner, but I guess they had to conform to Hollywood standards and make the movie at least an hour and thirty minutes long. The last scene between Mia and the demon really got under my skin. Not because of the gore, but because it just kept going and going. I was thinking, “I don’t care who dies, but someone better kill someone soon!!” That last scene kind of soured the movie for me.

I wonder if they’ll be making a new Evil Dead II? All I know is, they better be careful if they try to remake Army of Darkness. That movie is genius and should be left alone. Anyway, the new Evil Dead isn’t bad, but it’s over-the-top gory, so I would leave the kids at home for this movie (some idiot sitting behind me actually brought a toddler to this movie – that’s just bad parenting!).

I give the new Evil Dead 3 out of 5 brains.

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