Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution

“Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution” is now available on Amazon.

I had a blast turning my zombie obsession into something productive. I’ve watched countless zombie movies, and I spend my daily ride on the metro devouring zombie novels. I had read so many zombie books that I eventually decided to write my own novel about walking corpses.

My book is about a psychopath who’s obsessed with zombies. Jordan has been preparing for the zombie apocalypse since childhood and is thrilled when the zombies finally invade. Everyone is born with a purpose, and Jordan’s main goal in life is to save humans from the infected undead. With a bug-out bag and a satisfied grin, Jordan wanders alone into the zombie-infested streets to help family and strangers alike. Everything seems perfect until Jordan’s loved ones start dying, and Jordan has to face the harsh reality that the zombie apocalypse isn’t going exactly as planned.

Choosing my main character’s gender was a tough decision for me. I wanted to avoid using gender stereotypes while crafting my zombie-obsessed protagonist. My favorite thing about zombies is that they’re all equally terrifying. Male or female, young or old, dark or light: it doesn’t matter. All zombies are created equal. So I decided to write the story without assigning a gender to the main character, which allowed me to focus on Jordan’s brain rather than his/her sex. Originally, I was going to reveal Jordan’s gender at the end of the book, but I honestly couldn’t decide if I wanted Jordan to be male or female. I’d like to think that it doesn’t matter.

I had so much fun writing “Jordan’s Brains.” Creating my own world of zombies was so rewarding, and it has made me appreciate other zombie novels even more than I used to. If you’re a fan of zombie stories, I hope you enjoy my take on the zombie apocalypse.

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