“This Is the End” Movie Review – Zombie Style

I expected to like This Is the End because I enjoy most post-apocalyptic movies (especially the funny ones). I laughed out loud several times throughout the movie, and I thought it was clever that the actors played themselves. The story started out a bit slow, but it picked up about twenty minutes into the movie when the earth opened up and started swallowing celebrities. I thought it was funny that Michael Cera was able to make fun of himself. Emma Watson also made a cameo, and her appearance in the movie was a treat because she was one of only a handful of women in the movie. That Watson woman knows how to use an axe!

Naturally, I had to insert zombies into the story because that’s what I always do. It wasn’t that hard to imagine the living dead in the movie because This Is the End is chock full of demons, exorcisms, and the usual apocalyptic beasts. Even though zombies were briefly mentioned in the movie, there was no sign of my beloved undead monsters. If This Is the End was a zombie movie, this is how it should have turned out:

Turn: I would have liked to see James Franco turn into a zombie. I feel like he has played almost every type of character throughout his long career, but he has never been a zombie. This movie would have been the perfect opportunity!

Get Eaten: Danny McBride’s behavior in the movie was hilariously appalling. He was so terrible that I would have liked nothing more than to see him get eaten by a horde of zombies. Even though his character was over-the-top annoying, he was responsible for most of the laugh-out-loud moments in the movie. Nevertheless, I still think he should have been devoured by zombies.

Kill: It would have been nice to see Emma Watson kill a zombie. She was only in the movie for a few minutes, but she did kick ass during her short time on screen. I would have liked to see her kill a few zombies with that axe of hers.

Overall, I enjoyed This Is the End, and I do think it would be worth the extra money to see it on the big screen. But if you can’t make it to the theater, this movie is definitely rent-worthy.

I give This Is the End 4 out of 5 brains.

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