IndieReader Reviews Jordan’s Brains

I’m thrilled to say that IndieReader has reviewed Jordan’s Brains, and their four-star rating means that my little zombie book is officially IndieReader approved!


Here is what IndieReader had to say about Jordan’s Brains:

Brains are a central part of this light-hearted zombie apocalypse story. First, there’s Jordan’s brain, an abnormal entity that landed its owner (and the story’s likeable, though unreliable, narrator) in a psychiatric hospital because of an obsession with zombies. Then there are zombie brains, which as everyone knows, must be destroyed to kill the undead. There’s also Jordan’s general intelligence, apart from the zombie obsession, which helps keep various factions alive during a most unsettling attack by cannibalistic creatures.

Jordan, whose sex and age purposely remain a mystery, uses humor, determination, and kindness to manage life as a mental patient, a zombie expert, and ultimately an amoral, human-flesh-eating zombie who shuffles through Maryland in search of a meal or a cure, whichever comes first. Jordan’s family members and hospital caretakers prove to be more of a hindrance than a help, as the undead threaten to wipe out humanity after a blood infection creates a widespread epidemic.

The narrator’s wry sense of humor (“everyone should be comfy during the apocalypse”) and strange mental tic of noting people’s physical characteristics in a repetitive pattern (“rotting body, pale skin, holding a note, eyes open, mouth agape, holding a note”) help keep this often-violent and grotesque depiction highly entertaining. Readers look for growth and change in a book’s central character. In this case, the author offers those, plus a bonus: validation.

With today’s instantaneous technology, an earlier and more elaborate explanation of why Jordan couldn’t contact relatives by telephone or email during the initial outbreak seems necessary. Even with this misstep, the book is funny and fast-paced, with good dialogue and numerous pop culture references to zombie books, movies, and folklore, offering a new look at a dead-tired subject.

For a tale of massive cannibalistic takeovers by the undead, JORDAN’S BRAINS is lots of fun. Told in the first person by an intelligent and kind-hearted psychiatric patient, this story embraces many zombie myths and legends, while adding its own spin to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

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