Easter, Updates, and of course, Zombies!


I’ve been neglecting my poor little blog lately, and I want to apologize to the two people who read my posts. I do have three legitimate excuses for said neglect. Firstly, I was promoted at work, and I’m now officially the supervisor (it’s a great job, but my free time is pretty much nonexistent). Secondly, I was busy finishing up my second novel; I signed a contract with a small publisher, and it should be available later this year. Lastly, I’ve been sick for the past couple months, but I’m feeling much better now. Therefore, it’s blogging time!

I dragged myself out of bed at 7:00 on this lovely Easter morning, stuffed my face with a heaping bowl of Life cereal (original of course – cinnamon is for babies!), and then I sat down to write a quick post. I must say that I’ve missed blogging. A lot has happened since my last post in February. There’s quite a bit to talk about, but I’ll start with The Walking Dead.

HOLY HELL! Rick completely snapped (again), and I love it! Crazy Rick is far better than Farmer Rick. The gang is trapped in a train car, waiting to be eaten by friendly-looking cannibals. The prison group is reunited, except for Carol, Tyrese, Judith, and Beth. Blondie could be anywhere right now, and I’m not really missing her (harsh, I know). She was beginning to develop a personality, and I almost started liking her, but then she disappeared. You know what would be a neat twist… if Beth shows up in season five as a zombie. Game changer!

My favorite episode of season four was “The Grove.” The death of those two little girls was quite a shock. Ironically, it was just what the show needed to bring it back to life. Carol is a stone-cold-killa’, and I think (I hope) she’ll be around for a long time. Ever since she stole that grenade from Rick in season one, I knew she was a survivor. She’s not physically strong, but mentally she’s the toughest character on the show. I’m anxiously awaiting season five – only six months away!

Since I’ve been busy keeping up with The Walking Dead (one whole hour a week – a big commitment, folks), I haven’t had time to write anything new. I have a few ideas, and I’ve been thinking about characters and storylines, but I haven’t actually sat down to write anything in a long time. My plan is to begin writing my next novel in May. It’s hard to get started, but once I do I can’t seem to stop. For now, I’m still in the planning stage, and I’m going to enjoy my break by celebrating this wonderful holiday and stuffing my face with jelly beans.

Last year for Easter, I made a zombie diorama for The Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. It was always a dream of mine to enter the contest because I love those disgusting sugar-covered marshmallows (speaking of which, I’m going to raid my local CVS tomorrow to get my peeps at 50% off – the day after Easter is my favorite holiday). I think the Dixon Brothers were two of the most interesting characters on The Walking Dead, and I was really sad when half of them died. This is my sugary homage to the zombie-killing duo:


I had to dismantle my masterpiece when I moved across the country. I sang “Dust in the Wind” while I pulled apart those stale zombie peeps to salvage the plastic weapons (in case I want to make another zombie-themed diorama in the future). Maybe next year I’ll get to make another one. Today’s Easter festivities will include decorating eggs, and I’m planning to make a few zombie eggs.

Speaking of which, I better get going. I have to make some Easter Chex Mix before I head to my in-laws’ house. I promise it won’t be another two months before I post again. I hope my reader(s) has/have a wonderful Easter!

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