Zombies, Comic Con, and Halloween

Much has happened since I last posted on here. My baby girl turned one, she attended her first Comic Con, Fear The Walking Dead premiered and wrapped up, then The Walking Dead (the real one) started up again, and now Halloween is only six days away! Time flies.


My little lady got to meet her first cast member of The Walking Dead, the late great Beth Green. It’s a shame her character died last season, but all of us should have seen it coming. They tend to kill off their characters as soon as they become interesting. Sigh. Anyway, it was nice to meet Emily Kinney.


I bought my little girl her first comic book, and she found it quite tasty. We also got to meet indie author M. Todd Gallowglas and buy three of his books. Gotta support the indies! My hubby read his trilogy within a few days and really enjoyed it. You can find more of Mr. Gallowglas’s work here:


Now, I’m just going to take a moment, let’s say four sentences, to write about Fear The Walking Dead. Did I love it? No. Will I give it another chance and watch it next season? Sure.


Okay, moving on to the real Walking Dead. The whole premiere episode was top notch. It was perfectly balanced with action and backstory (loved the black and white flashbacks), and the dialogue was also outstanding. While I’m an Ethan Embry fan, I’m glad his character didn’t make it through the first episode (whiny know-it-alls don’t fare well during the zombie apocalypse).


As much as I loved the premiere episode, the second was even better. Carol is a beast! I was nervous they were going to kill her off, but no one can touch her. She’s as tough as ever, and she’s by far the most developed character on the show. I have trouble picturing her as the subservient housewife she was in the first season now that she’s a ruthless killing machine. I can’t wait to find out what happens on tonight’s episode. Will the mega-herd make it to the town in Alexandria?? We’ll find out in about five hours 🙂


As always, I’m getting pumped for Halloween! We’ve got my little girl’s costume all ready to go, and we’ve stocked up on full-size candy bars. It’s fun to be the cool house that gives out big candy. And, of course, we have our movie line-up all set. Shaun of The Dead, then Army of Darkness, and we’ll end with our new favorite Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. There’s nothing better than watching funny horror movies while stuffing your face with chocolate, and occasionally being interrupted to give candy to adorable children in spooky costumes. Bliss! I hope everyone enjoys Halloween. Have fun and stay safe!

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