Zombie Valentine’s Day

I could kiss the person who decided the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead would be on Valentine’s Day. What a way to celebrate! Sure, I like chocolate and roses, but if you add zombies to V-Day, it truly is the perfect holiday. And, and, and, we went to the movies on Valentine’s Day Eve and saw Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Here I am in my holiday garb:


I loved both the book and movie version of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, but they were quite different. The movie plot went in an entirely different direction from the book, which ended up working well. The Bennett sisters were perfectly cast; I knew who they all were even before they opened their mouths (come to think of it, I don’t think Kitty had a single line in the movie). Instead of being genteel ladies, the Bennett sisters were zombie fighting ninjas. Can you think of anything better?


Now, onto the important stuff: zombies. The special effects and make-up crew killed it.  The gore wasn’t over-the-top though, which was a smart move because the movie will appeal to a wider audience. What I loved about this story was the zombies could talk. Not just to each other, but to humans as well. Creepy, creepy. If you’re a Jane Austen fan or a zombie fan, I highly recommend Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.

Then on Valentine’s Day, the hubby and I celebrated by grilling a couple steaks and watching the mid-season premiere of the greatest show of all time. The Walking Dead was jam-packed with action. There have been quite a few bloggers pointing out the inconsistencies in the plot, but I say phooey on them. I thought the episode was hella cool. Spoilers ahead! That stupid Wolf character finally died (I couldn’t stand him). Some central characters died, but only the annoying ones that everyone expected to perish. Daryl is back and more badass than ever – I should’ve known he’d make use of that bazooka. Shockingly, the gang took back Alexandria. I thought it would be impossible! I’m super glad Glenn didn’t die (again). That would’ve been messed up. Anyway, The Walking Dead writers have done it again. Another action filled episode! I can’t wait until the next episode – only six days away!


I realize I haven’t posted since October (having a toddler doesn’t allow much time for blogging), but I’ll try to be better about it this year. I did actually finish the first draft of a novel last month. The book isn’t about zombies (sigh), but my protagonist is obsessed with zombies (yay!). Hopefully I’ll have the final draft finished in the next six months. After that, who knows… Maybe an idea for another zombie novel will come to me. Until then, I’ll work on editing my draft whilst watching The Walking Dead reruns. It’s a wonderful life 🙂


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