Halloween is Here!!

Candy!!! My favorite day is finally here. I was ticked off that it had to be leap year, which pushed Halloween to a Monday (blech!), but I decided to take the day off work to fully enjoy the holiday festivities. My two-year-old daughter decided to be Batman, and I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed she didn’t want to be a zombie, but there’s always next year!

I’ve been hard at work preparing my Halloween feast all afternoon. I’m making Devil Eggs, Haunted Chex Mix, and Jack-O-Lantern Rice Krispie Treats. Yum! I didn’t go overboard because everyone needs to save room for gorging on candy. We got the good stuff this year – Twix, KitKats, Snickers, M&Ms, and a whole bunch more (full size of course). Here’s a picture of my collection this year:


Moving on to other business, who’s excited about The Walking Dead being back? Everyone, apparently. The season 7 premiere brought in a record-breaking 20.8 million viewers. It was one of the goriest episodes I’ve ever seen, but I think it was necessary. The producers wanted the fans to see just how sick and twisted Negan is. That dude is pure evil. Which is why I’m ashamed to admit that I really, really, really like him. Negan is mixing things up on the show, and it was time someone came in and scared the pants off Rick (Sheriff Grimes was getting a little too villainy for a minute). The writers did a fabulous job of creating a charismatic villain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on Negan’s side, but I do enjoy when he has screen time.

Episode two was a lot less gory, even funny at times. We got to catch up with Carol and Morgan, two of my favorite and most lethal characters. They were rescued by King Ezekiel’s subjects. Ezekiel had me fooled in the beginning. I really believed he thought he was a medieval king, and I was quite relieved when he admitted to Carol he was a regular dude putting on a front. This week’s episode was a lot mellower than the premiere, which is a good thing. We poor fans of The Walking Dead were quite traumatized over the first episode. I can’t wait to find out what happens next week. It looks like Daryl might be in trouble.

Speaking of The Walking Dead, the wicked awesome zombie convention Walker Stalker Con is coming back to San Francisco in April of 2017. They haven’t announced who the celebrity guests are yet, but I know I’ll be there for sure. Here’s a link to more information:


As for my writing, I’m still working on editing my YA novel. I’ve gotten some helpful feedback and I’m hoping I’ll be done soon. I started a new novel but stalled after chapter one, so I’m letting it cool off until I’m inspired.

That’s what’s going on in my world. I’ve been getting ready for baby number two, who’s due in six weeks! So it might be a while before I have time to post again since I’ll be busy with my Little Ass Kicker.

Here’s a picture of the Rice Krispie Treat graveyard I made for Halloween. I used headstone Peeps and gummy spiders. Spooky and delicious!


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