About Me


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and work as a patent docket supervisor. I wrote my first novel, Jordan’s Brains, in order to face a childhood fear: corpses rising from the grave to hunt the living. Which is silly because zombies aren’t real… yet.

After immersing myself in zombie culture, I became a huge fan of stories about walking corpses, fascinated by how survivors would react to a zombie outbreak. After facing my fear, I turned my terror into a beloved hobby, and I now spend most of my free time writing about zombies, reading about zombies, and watching movies about zombies.

I write for Zombie Guide Magazine and recently finished writing my second zombie novel, which will be published in 2015.

Here are some of my articles on Zombie Guide Magazine’s website:

Proper Etiquette for Looting a Store http://www.zombie-guide.com/proper-etiquette-for-looting-a-store/

Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Zombie Apocalypse http://www.zombie-guide.com/ten-reasons-to-look-forward-to-the-zombie-apocalypse/

Helping Strangers During the Zombie Apocalypse http://www.zombie-guide.com/helping-strangers-during-the-zombie-apocalypse/

Five Tips for Hosting a Zombie Dinner Party http://www.zombie-guide.com/five-tips-for-hosting-a-zombie-dinner-party/

Zombie Coffee http://www.zombie-guide.com/zombie-coffee/

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I must say, I haven’t been a SUPER fan of Zombies, but a minor one. I do Remember the first movie that came out that was related to Zombies, “The Night of The Living Dead” 1968 and I believe it was live since I was 6 at the time. But oh, how the world of the undead has evolved over the decades, and I must add after reading your articles, I’ll be checking out your books for sure if their anything like what you have written for the magazine. I detect some Zombie humor in my future. Keep up the good work and perhaps we shall stagger into one another at convention in the days, months or years to come.

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